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Telford Aftercare Team (TACT) was founded in 2012 and incorporated as a community interest company in 2014.  The main aim of TACT CIC is to help people in their ongoing recovery from using drugs or alcohol. This public health commissioned service was set up for recovering service users and service users who were still struggling to come to terms with their addiction.


Our main aim is to improve the health and wellbeing of all our clients so that they can once again become a valued member of the community.


At present we offer many varied services which aid people in their ongoing recovery, these include but are not limited to.


Encouraging people to have their say


  • Weekly women’s group which helps women deal with the ongoing issues which many men do not face.


  • A weekly service user group which gives service users their opportunity to feedback about the services available and make a positive difference to the community.


  • Running consultations that feed into the strategic monitoring and planning of local service provision.



Improving the physical and mental health of the public


  • Hepatitis c support group, the group is run by a volunteer of tact who has personal experience of hepatitis c.  The group helps service users understand the problems the illness brings to their lives and offers care and understanding to service users via mutual aid.


  • Weekly therapeutic art group, which help service users express their emotions through their art and encourages creativity.


  • Fortnightly drop in held by Tackle your health.  At the drop in people are given advice on healthy eating and any other health issues they may have.  Also they are advised on activities


  • Gardening Group, The gardening group is run weekly to encourage service users to be more active and increase positive social networks.


  • Weekly reiki drop in sessions.


Peer support


  • Facilitate regular mutual aid support groups (Narcotics Anonymous, Smart Recovery)


  • Recruit and manage volunteer recovery peer support workers to offer services to the drug and alcohol using communities.



  • Housing and benefit/debt advice drop in service.



Providing support and access to opportunities


  • Access to a range of holistic support groups


  • Signposting and referrals made to education, training, employment and volunteering opportunities.


  • Providing access to welfare and housing support.


  • TACTS weekly employment group helps service users who are ready to gain employment, this includes help with writing there C.V and cover letter, job search and interview techniques.

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