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Volunteering Opportunities
Telford After Care Team has, since 2012, run a comprehensive and pioneering programme of volunteering for service users in the Telford area. We have continued to develop and grow this programme and now offer a variety of volunteering opportunities accross the services on offer from Strickland House.

We welcome volunteers from all backgrounds but particularly encourage individuals from the Telford area who currently access services (whether this be for addictions or mental health), or have done so in the last 6 months. In order to volunteer you must be abstinent from illicit substances (if you were accessing services for illicit substances) or alcohol (if you were accessing services for alcohol). Our focus is on this group so that opportunities can be provided to those who have been directly affected by these issues to positively contribute to the community and support those individuals who are not yet as far into their recovery. This approach not only has a significant evidence base but has allowed Telford After Care Team to provide significant levels of support to indivdiuals throughout the community for the benefit of service users and volunteers alike.  

What do we offer?

We recognise that volunteers form the back bone of our organisation and, as such, seek to provide a comprehensive package of training, opportunities and support so that volunteers are able to develop both personally and professionally. We have a wide variety of courses on offer delivered by both external training partners and by our in house training provision (TACT Training) that are accesible to all. We are an OCN West Midlands acccredited training centre so a large number of the courses we run will lead to an accredited qualification. In order to support us to provide a high quality service all volunteers will be expected to complete one (or both) of the following qualifications:

  • Level 2 Recovery Coaching 

  • Level 2 Understanding Mental Health

  • All volunteers will undertake group facilitation training

As well as these accredited courses we run a wide variety of organisational based training throughout the year focussing on professional boundaries, health and safety, coaching, dealing with aggression, peer mentoring to name a few. TACT works hard to secure external funding so there are no direct costs to volunteers for these courses. Each volunteer will be assesed at the start of their volunteering journey where their training requirements will be discussed and where they will be booked on to relevent courses. All new volunteers spend 3 months shadowing a more experienced volunteer during a probationary period during which time further training requirments are identified and implemented. Volunteers will receive supervision during this period and on an ongoing basis, which will focus on their work within the organisation and their personal development to ensure they get get the most out of their time as a volunteer.

There are a variety of roles for volunteers within the centre, including for those not wishing to work on a 1-to-1 basis with service users, examples of the roles are:

  • Meet and greet

  • Group activities

  • Outreach

  • Group facilitator

  • Advocacy and peer support

  • Event organising

  • Organisational promotion

  • Advice and guidance

  • Recovery support

  • Training facilitators

  • Drop-in support

  • Telephone support

  • Social media and marketing

By adopting this sturctured approach to volunteering TACT has, since 2012, seen significant levels of success with volunteers going on to obtain full-time employemnt. We have found that volunteering not only provides individuals with confidence, a support network in a safe and friendly environment but also skills that prepare them for the work place.

How do I apply to be a Volunteer?

Applying to become a volunteer is simple. If you already use our service simply speak to a member of staff and they will provide you with an application form. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer but are not currently a service users you can contact us via email (use the form on the contact us page) or simply give us a call and ask to talk to a member of staff about volunteering. We will arrange for you to come to the centre and meet with current volunteers and staff to discuss the work that we do and see if there is a position that suits you.

Contact us on 01952 899205 / 899205 or email ​​ info@tacteam.org.uk for more information on volunteering for us.