'Recovery through discovery'

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Strickland House

Support services for the community by the community.

  1. Telford After Care Team (TACT)
  2. Branches
  3. TACT Training and Education
  4. TLC Services
  5. TACT Female Recovery Housing Project
  6. Strickland Print Services

What's on offer at Strickland House?

Telford After Care Team (TACT)

​TACT is a community interest company (C.I.C) delivering peer-led support services to individuals in recovery from addictions and associated problems.

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​Branches is a peer-led support service which aims to improve the mental well-being of its service users by providing a variety of peer-led support activities to reduce the social isolation of the service users and their families
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TACT Training and Education

​Staffed by a team of professionally qualified trainers, TACT Training delivers a comprehensive programme of volunteer training and accredited qualifications.

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TLC Services

​Founded in 2016 TLC offers a wide range of services for the home and garden whilst providing opportunities for those in recovery to gain practicalwork skills to enahnce their recovery.

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TACT Female Recovery Housing

​TACT Female Recovery Housing Project is committed to empowering women to become substance free, self-sufficient, and healthy, by providing safe housing, access to mutual aid groups a resilient recovery community and above all hope for their future.

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Strickland Print Services

​Strickland Print provides a range of timely, high-quality and cost-effective print and design services for business customers, personal requirements, local organisations and commercial clients. Profits from this service are reinvested to support the development of recovery services at Strickland.

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