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TACT Training and Education

TACT Training and Education has a training centre at Strickland House which is registered with Open College Network West Midlands to offer training and education to students. 

TACT Training delivers a comprehensive Volunteer Training Programme to an ever expanding group of volunteers on topics such as Drug and Alcohol Awareness, Understanding Mental Health, Peer Mentoring and Support, Facilitating Groups, The Skilled Helper, Managing Transactions, The Drama Triangle, Dealing with Grief and Loss, Anger Management, Presentation Skills and Managing Boundaries.

"The courses boosted my confidence in a huge way as well as being a contributing factor in getting me a place at University".

TACT Service User 

There is a staged process for developing as a TACT or Branches Volunteer before a volunteer can work directly with service users. Volunteers have access to continuous development through training programmes that aim to increase their readiness for progression into other voluntary work, paid employment and self-employment through TACT's development and sponsorship of small business enterprises and its strong links into the statutory and independent sectors and the local business community. 

TACT has a team of professionally quaified trainers, lecturers and facilitators, study support and placement support staff who have 
experience of training in the public sector, business organisations and in higher and further education, and all the team are comitted to their own continuous professional development.

TACT receives sponsorship through commissioners, such as for public health, local businesses, through voluntery contributions and direct from the People's Lottery Fund each of which provide resources of one kind or another to enable TACT Training to deliver recovery programmes, short certificated courses, accredited programmes leading to qualifications and awards and training for occupations and for work readiness.

TACT Training is accredited to provide awards, qualifications and certification in courses that are relevant to its mission, such as, Level 3 Award in Education and Training, Level 2 Certificate in Understanding Mental Health.
TACT Training is currently in discussion with awarding bodies for courses, qualifications and awards in Counselling, Sexual Health, Domestic Abuse, and Coaching and Mentoring in the fields and Employability and Leadership.

TACT Training has volunteers who are now training to deliver Drug and Alcohol Awareness and Understanding Mental Health packages to small and medium enterprises who want to raise levels of knowledge within their own departments or within the wider work force.

TACT Training will open its new training facilities at Strickland House in February 2018 and will be launching a scheme to encourage members of the public and organisations to enrol for awards and qualifications and to join the growing band of Stricland Scholars.

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