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Groups on offer at Strickland

Anxiety and Depression 

Women's Group

Dual Diagnosis Group

The anxiety and depression group supports individuals who live with the symptomsof either anxiety or depression. In this group people can discuss their thoughts and feelings and share their experiences and tools to manage these conditions in a supportive non judgmental way. This group is facilitated by a trained volunteer.

The Womens' Group has now been running for four years on a weekly basis. This popular group provides an environment for females who require support, for whatever reason, to discuss and receive practical support. The group also have pamper sessions on a monthly basis and engage in activities in the community such as swimming and day trips out. The group is open to any female wishing to receive support.
The dual-diagnosis group is facilitated by peers and provides support to people who have co-occuring mental health and addiction problems. It aims to support individuals to accept help for both conditions and outline to those individuals the importance of accepting a variety of interventions.

SMART Recovery

Family and Carers Group

Arts and Crafts Group

SMART Recovery groups help participants decide whether they have a problem, builds up their motivation to change and offers a set of proven tools and techniques to support recovery. there is no requirement to make a lifelong commitment to the programme, just to their recovery and leading a healthier life.

The family and carers group was set up to support family members/carers of those suffering from mental ill health. It allows them to discuss any issues they face within their caring role, specifically relating to mental health issues and how that impacts on their life. It also focusses on the goals of the carer and barriers to achieving these.

Starting four years ago with one 2 hour session weekly, the arts and crafts group will soon be moving to 5 hours per day, 5 days per week in a bespoke built 'pod' at Strickland. The group provides access to a wide range of activities along with the opportunity to discuss issues that they face in their lives and to receive support from our award winning facilitator. 

Gardening Group

Service User Group

Understanding Personality Disorders

The gardening group was one of our original activities at the begining of TACT in 2012, today the group operates several days a week at numerous sites throughout Telford. We are always looking for people to join this groups which provides opportunities to recieve the support of peers and also to enjoy the outdoors.
The service user group, now known as Telford Change Forum (TCF), is an independent groups that meets at Strickland House on a weekly basis. This provides an opportunity for service users to feedback to commissioners about the services locally and has had a big part in supporting the re-design of services locally.
The understanding personality disorders group, which is facilitated by a trained volunteer, aims to provide a safe environment to discuss issues and learn new skills within interpersonal relationships and looks at managing emotions and impulses.

 Serenity Group

TACT Trails

Strickland Singing Group

This group provides an inclusive environment to encourage service users with one or more problems to experience quiet time and feel comfortable without feeling compelled to reveal the exact nature of the issues they face to the group. The group is open to all.

TACT Trails has now been running for nearly 3 years. It provides the opportunity for service users to get out and about as part of leading a healthier lifestyle. It offers a variety of walk difficulties depending on the group in a wide variety of locations throughout Shropshire and beyond. Why not come along on a Wednesday and get involved?
The Strickland singing group, set up in 2017 in order to provide service users with an oppotunity to perform at our annual conference, proved to be so popular that it is now a permanent fixture on our monthly timetable. Whether you enjoy singing, or just want to try something new this group provides a fun and safe environment for all.

Grief and Loss

Stepping Stones

This group allows people who have suffered loss by either bereavement or any loss it could be a job or a relationship, a pet etc. to talk in a supportive non judgmental environment about their feelings and thoughts regarding their loss and how that impacts on their life. The group is run by a trained grief recovery specialist.

This is a focus group to enable service users/volunteers to give feedback to the project manager on how they feel the service is running, to encourage people to express any concerns they may have on using the service. Additionally this group is to help service users consider what they would like to achieve at the centre and how we can best support that.